About Us

Mission Statement

"Coming together through social activity"

Our values
  • Acceptance - we provide a safe and inclusive environment for our members to be socially engaged irrespective of their background.

  • Community - we endeavour to give each and every one of our members and event organisers a community to belong to and friends to connect with.

  • Fun - we keep things fun because they say laughter is the best medicine!

About our organisation

Activate Mental Health is a dynamic mental health initiative that focuses on providing fun and engaging meetup opportunities as a means of promoting positive mental health and well being for its members.


The group was founded in June 2016 as the Perth Active Depression Support Group. 


The group's activities are featured & advertised on the social media site Meetup & feature a mix of reoccurring and other casual meetups based on commitments made by highly dedicated individuals who can offer activities that fit the ethos of the group's purpose.


The group is a proud partner of the Act-Belong-Commit campaign & is a valued member of Connect Groups WA, the peak body assisting support groups in WA. 

About our founder:


Rahul Seth is a Chartered Accountant who now works in the mental health sector. Rahul's initial career path was into the field of accounting, a natural talent he discovered he had in his high school days.


Rahul worked in the fields of auditing, taxation & not for profit commercial accounting, and obtained his Chartered Accountant qualification, but found that he didn't have a strong passion for this career path. 

After discovering his passion of promoting positive mental health and recovery through the establishment of this group, Rahul went onto study a certificate IV in mental health through the WA Association for Mental Health and now works in the mental health sector.


Outside of the career realm, Rahul is a passionate amateur photographer, a former long-standing volunteer with TEDxPerth, a fanatic of Formula 1 racing & is known to enjoy occasionally playing tennis, cycling & a swim at the beach.


Rahul believes the key to mental health recovery & living a happy life is developing various social connection across many forms such as joining social groups & volunteering in the community & aims to champion the message of inclusion and connection through activities he undertakes.

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