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From our Clients, Volunteers & Supporters
What our Clients
say about Activate Mental Health?
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Activate provides me with a platform to meet more like-minded individuals, expand my social network, and make some lifelong friends. I really enjoyed their variety of their meetup activities, such as the board game nights, park walking, 8 ball pool and silent book clubs

Every time I go to an Activate event

I walk away happier and

more energetic!

Picnic with Friends

I feel like I have met my people through Activate. I feel connected and have developed a friends base through this Meetup group.

Even if you don't identify as having any ongoing or recognised mental health conditions but just need to help keep your everyday mental health happy and in check this group helps you to interact with others in an organised planned event. Turn up, have fun, go home happier.

People giving a high five

I have been a member for several years. I felt accepted from the beginning, I really feel a part of the AMH community, I have great fun at all the events I attend & I have gained numerous friendships.

Testimonials by Volunteers

“As a volunteer, I truly believe I've had amazing opportunities to meet new people and feel like I've become part of something far greater than I ever expected. I've had a lot of fun broadening my facilitation skills and I have improved my ability to make new social connections.”

“I feel much purpose in this role, in bringing people together knowing that they will have the same struggles with social anxiety like me but also want to get out and connect with people as well. I feel a deep satisfaction watching new friendships form and even seeing some of that anxiety that our members suffer from fall away as their needs for connection are met. It's wonderful to watch.”

Sponsors & Supporters


Activate Mental Health wouldn't be where it is today without wonderful organisations supporting us along our journey. Check out testimonials from local businesses where Activate events happen and our sponsors.

Grill's logo.png

Activate Mental Health has been a fantastic support of our business, often hosting board game nights at our restaurant and are actively involved with our Local Matters program. The organisation has a great relationship with several members of our team and are always a pleasure to serve.


Restaurant Manager, Grill’d East Vic Park

Blooming Minds New Logo

Social connection is vital for positive mental health and wellbeing, however for many, it can be difficult to build social confidence and connections. Activate has created safe social spaces for people to connect, seek support and provide support to others. Blooming Minds are proud to support the work of Activate, which is delivering vital community connection services.

Director, Blooming Minds

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