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Volunteering with Activate Mental Health

We are very flexible and open to any opportunities that you would like to contribute to our cause. You are able to host events wherever and whenever you want in Perth. Pick the activity that suits your interest. Events can be online and in person. We’re also open to alternative volunteer roles.

Stuck on how you can volunteer with Activate Mental Health?

Here are some suggestions.

What our volunteers say...

As a volunteer, I truly believe I've had amazing opportunities to meet new people and feel like I've become part of something far greater than I ever expected. I've had a lot of fun broadening my facilitation skills and I have improved my ability to make new social connections.

I feel much purpose in this role, in bringing people together knowing that they will have the same struggles with social anxiety like me but also want to get out and connect with people as well. I feel a deep satisfaction watching new friendships form and even seeing some of that anxiety that our members suffer from fall away as their needs for connection are met. It's wonderful to watch.

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