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Volunteer guide

Here are some ideas to get you started
Volunteering with Activate Mental Health

  • Make a positive difference to people’s mental health and well-being.

  • Free to host any event of your choice at a time and place that conveniences you.

  • Do something you enjoy and have fun! Helping others to reduce their social isolation and improve their overall mental well-being.

The benefits felt by volunteering with us:

  • Helping others to reduce their social isolation and improve their overall mental well-being.

  • Make new friendships and become part of a welcoming community.

  • Having fun by doing the activities you enjoy with other like-minded individuals.

Stuck on how you can volunteer with Activate Mental Health?

Here are some suggestions.

Nature & Outdoor Activities
Man in Nature

Some places to walk:

Hyde Park, Perth

Lake Monger, Wembley

Tomato Lake, Belmont

Kings Park, Perth

Lake Gwelup

Lake Claremont

Kent Street Weir, Wilson

Elizabeth Quay to Mends Street jetty

Between Cottesloe & Swanbourne beaches

Mini Golf
Mini golf

Courses available at:

Wanneroo Botanic Gardens in Wanneroo.

Wembley Golf Course in Wembley.

Collier Park Golf Course in Karawara.

Point Walter Golf Course in Bicton.

3D glow in the dark mini golf at Glowing Rooms
in Hamilton Hill.

Holey Moley Golf Courses at Karrinyup, Fremantle, Northbridge and Cannington.

Picnics and BBQ's
Picnics and BBQs

Encourage people to bring different food and have a good time.

Maybe has some music on a bluetooth speaker.

Bring some outdoor activities such as frisbees and bocce.

The South Perth Foreshore, Kings Park and Hyde Park might be good places for these
events to occur.

Frisbee golf
Frisbee golf

Played with 3 different frisbees, which vary in thickness. The thinner the frisbee, the further it
goes. Check out Perth Disc Golf for a list of courses available in Perth.

Indoor Games ​​
Arcade games
Arcade games

B. Lucky and Sons is located in Fremantle.

iPlay arcade is located in Whitfords, Cannington and Rockingham.

Timezone is located in Fremantle, Innaloo, Joondalup, Midland and Northbridge.

Palace Arcade is located in Northbridge, Fremantle and Victoria Park.

Uno and Uno Flip
Uno & Uno Flip

Play with official rules in a tournament style to make it more of a game. Consider house rules such as the 7-0 rule.

Uno Flip is a two sided Uno deck. An Uno deck costs $8 and Uno Flip costs $10 at K-Mart.

Chess Pieces
Board games at cafes


Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens
Monopoly Deal
Settlers of Catan

Bowling Lane
Ten pin bowling

Zone Bowling available in Joondalup, Morley, Cannington and Rockingham.

Strike Bowling available at Karrinyup, Fremantle, Cannington and Perth.

Rosemount Bowl available in North Perth.

Superbowl located in Melville and Warwick.

First Shot
8 ball pool

Pot Black’s are located in North Perth, Northbridge and Cannington.

Jackbox party games
Jackbox party games

These are party games that can be played on a big screen TV, where everyone uses their web browser on their smart phone to play. You will need a laptop and a HDMI cord.

Recommended to be played at Dome Belmont and Halo Espresso in South Perth.

Escape Room Items
Escape rooms

Escape Hunt is located in Fremantle.


Escape This is located in Northbridge.

Strike Bowling has escape rooms in Cannington, Perth and Karrinyup.

Confined is based in Burswood.

Lost Reality is based in Cannington.

Ultimate Roomscape is located in Malaga.

Night Events
Bingo nights
Bingo nights

The Town of Victoria Park runs a weekly bingo night comprised of 25 games in the evening.

Doors open 5:30pm, the games start at 7:30pm

High rollers game is on the last Saturday of each month.

Pub quiz night
Pub quiz nights

There are a few quiz companies in Perth that operate at various pubs during the week.

Bamboozled Quizmasters

Dux Nuts Quizzes

Fame Trivia Quizzes

Comedy nights

Lots of places to have a laugh!

Comedy Lounge in Perth.

The Theatre Garden in South Perth.

Lazy’s at Rosie’s Comedy Room in Northbridge.

The Big HOO-HAA improv comedy in North Perth.

Arts, Literature & Networking
Art Gallery
Art gallery and museum visits

Art Gallery of WA is located at the Cultural Centre in Perth.


WA Museums are located in Perth and

Silent book club
Silent Book Club

Silent Book Club is a global based movement where you read your book of choice in silence with peers. There’s time for conversation before and after the reading time. Can be easily done through Zoom.

Need to find a bar or cafe that is reasonably quiet to participate. A suggested venue is BOOtoo cafe in Perth.

Movie night
Movie and a meal

See a film and have a chat about it before or after the meetup.

Writing workshops

You can Google “writing prompts” to
encourage creative writing.

There is the Rory’s Story Cubes app on Apple’s App Store and Google Play, or you could buy physical dice from Big W, Games World or other online websites.

Maybe encourage attendees to write a letter to their younger self.

Networking Group
Business networking

Perth Networking Club is a group that promotes local charities and causes.

LinkedIn Local Perth is another great business networking initiative.

Creative Crafts

You can use YouTube video clips to direct
people how to fold paper. 

Origami paper is available at K-mart for $2, which has 120 sheets.

Colouring in sheets
Colouring in sheets

Plenty of colouring in sheets available on the Internet. Here are some from Act-Belong-Commit.

Kmart sells home brand colouring in pencil
packs for $2-$3.

Play some calming music whilst doing this activity such as lo-fi playlists on Spotify.

Knitting and crotchet

A good idea to do at places such as Dome
Mount Pleasant
and Dome Belmont on their 12 seat ‘kitchen’ areas.

Origami Flapping Birds
Online Events
Quizzes via Kahoot

Kahoot is an education website that has lots of quizzes for use. You can ever write your own quizzes. Free licence allows ten people to play online. Players use a mobile phone or second device as a controller and they see the questions through a Zoom screen share.

Jackbox party games
Jackbox party games

Jackbox games are party games that can be played through zoom, where everyone uses their web browser on their smart phone to play. Each pack costs $30 USD to buy on a one-off basis.

We recommend playing Drawful, Guessipionage, Fibbage and Quiplash.

Online Bingo
Online bingo nights


On My Free Bingo Cards you can purchase 100 bingo cards and a game checker that will allow you to host bingo online for $10 USD.

Each bingo card has its own URL and can be accessed on a 2nd device.


Players can mark off numbers that are called. You are given different calling sequences, while allow for more games to be played using the same cards. You can also check if someone has truly won.

Silent book club
Silent Book Club

Silent Book Club is a global based movement where you read your book of choice in silence with peers.

There’s time for conversation before and after the reading time. Can be easily done through Zoom.


Scattergories is a game where you come up with as many things you can under various categories starting with the nominated first letter.

Points awarded for unique words that other players done have.

You can stream the website through a Zoom screen share.

Haiku writing
Haiku writing

Wri-ting some hai-kus.
Are re-al-ly fun to do.
Cre-at-ive with words.

A haiku is a three line Japanese poem, where the first and third lines are five syllables long and the second line is seven syllables long.


Use random images to spark topics to write haikus about such as weather seasons.


Boggle is where you have to find as many words as possible on the grid.


You can move from one letter (dice) to another if it is a neighbour (in all directions).

You cannot use a letter (dice) more than once in a word.

You get points for each word - the more letters the better.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for Activate Mental Health?
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